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Plastic Welding

High quality plastic repair

Plastics are becoming increasingly common on today's vehicles as they are more cost effective to make and produce. These plastics are lighter and manufacturers are using these to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency from other materials. Most cars today have plastics that can be successfully welded.

Plastic repairs need to be durable and strong. Garry Milne Panelbeating can weld almost anything plastic from children's toys to water tanks, motorbikes, boats, canoes and dairy industry plastics. We specialise in automotive plastic welding including car frames and bumpers. 

There are various types of plastics used in the modern vehicle but not all are weldable. These are the structure plastics which are used in high strength areas of the vehicle for the safety systems (air bags) etc.

If some plastics don't weld, we can use a 2 pot mix plastic glue which has great bonding agents. Fuel tanks can not be welded as these contain fuel, safety has to come first and they must be replaced.

Send us an enquiry and see if we can assist with your plastic welding requirements.
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