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Wheel Alignment

State of the art wheel alignment equipment

Garry Milne Panelbeating had Balclutha’s first and only dedicated wheel alignment machine in 1963. Four models later, we have the state on art Hoffman 3D aligner.

The Hofmann 3D image aligner is a revolutionary concept in performing wheel alignments. This system uses a camera-based machine vision technolgoy that provides many benefits.

It is the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use aligner ever made and there is not much that is conventional about this aligner. The 'eyes' of the vision-based 3D aligner are the two cameras mounted on either end of a camera beam. The cameras are high resolution CCD video type operating in gray-scale, similar to those used in security and surveliance applications.

Correct wheel alignment reduces premature tyre wear, saves fuel and enhances the handling of your vehicle.

Symptoms of incorrect wheel alignment include:
  • Heavy steering
  • Difficulty in keeping the vehicle tracking in a straight line
  • Steering wheel no sitting in the centre postion when driving straight ahead

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